Hello and welcome to the All Creatures Great and Gone Podcast.

Todays episode follows on from Episode 8 where I spoke to Sue Alexander CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, CDBC about Behavioural Euthanasia. We briefly spoke about Losing Lulu and I wanted to dedicate an episode to this wonderful and much needed group.

Please consider joining if you have lost a companion to Bhavioural Euthanasia, you will be met with love, understanding and compassion. Please note that to keep the space as kind and safe as possible there are questions to answer, please give as much detail as you can, no vague answers as this makes it harder for the admin to admit people who really need the group,

This group is ONLY for those who have lost a companion to Behavioural Euthanasia. There are numerous groups out there for those who have lost a companion, but this one is a niche one.

Thank you


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